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Helene Weber College

Founded in 2011, the Helene Weber College (HWK) was the first national, non-party platform for committed women in politics. The most important objectives of the Helene Weber College are:

  • to attract more women into (local) politics
  • to improve the opportunities for women to enter and move on in politics
  • to promote exchange and cooperation between women in (local authority) politics with strong networks in a national and international context
  • to attract women of all age groups and all political parties into local politics as an important, attractive way of becoming involved in civil society

Helene Weber College

Main focus
Encouragement and support of women in politics

EAF  |  European Academy for Women in Politics and Business, Berlin

EAF  |  Europäische Akademie für Frauen in Politik und Wirtschaft Berlin e.V.
Schumannstraße 5
10117 Berlin

Phone: + 49 (0)30 - 3087760 45
Fax: + 49 (0)30 - 3087760 59

College website

The Helene Weber College is provided with professional expert support from the EAF (European Academy for Women in Politics and Business). Activities within the HWK include mentoring courses, parity forums at national and regional level, reverse mentoring (social media for women in local politics) and the presentation of the "Mother of the Constitution" Award and the Helene Weber Prize.